Kimberly Peil

After the Dark

In Babies and Such on August 30, 2010 at 11:57 pm

11:40 PM.  Cries over the monitor.  I stare at Hunter’s side of the bed, but he isn’t there.  That’s pretty typical.  He always stays up about 1-2 hours later than I do.  I go out into the living room and he is already headed into Ella’s room to calm her.  We are both tired, but him more than me.  After all, I have been asleep since 9:40.  He rocks her, gives her teething tablets, rubs her back.  She still insists on crying for another hour and a half.  It’s just one of those nights.  Poor Hunter.  He swore he was going to catch up on sleep tonight.

And then 6 AM comes.  Giggles and long slurs of Ba-ba-ba, Da-da-da over the monitor.  We had set the alarm for 7 AM…  And why did we do that?  I can’t even remember the last time we slept in that late.  We were so frustrated last night, but it is hard to be mad at this cheerful, goober-eyed baby this morning.   No matter how bad the day or evening was, Ella is always amazingly happy and loving in the morning.

This is just a simple reminder to start each new day fresh.  Don’t drag your baggage or frustration into the next day.  See the sunshine as laughter and giggles.  If my little 6 month old girl can do it, so can we!

  1. First commenter.
    Blogging is such a great outlet. I never, ever kept a journal and now I feel like I have one, even if it’s mostly pictures. Now when I let people know I’m going to visit my friend Kim, I can link to your blog. : )

    PS – You should post up recipes too!

  2. I will most definitely post some recipes too!

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