Kimberly Peil

Almost September

In Everyday Thoughts, Miscellaneous on August 30, 2010 at 10:55 pm

I love an overcast and cloudy Oregon day.  Okay, that may not be entirely true.  I love them right at the beginning of fall.  The temperatures are still lukewarm, and the trees are still green.  Of course, 5 1/2 years ago, when I moved to LA, I detested the gray skies.  That was one of the main reasons I headed to sunny SoCal.  But now that I am back in Oregon, I have come to appreciate about 50 of the cloudy days out of what seems like 300.

To celebrate the beginning of fall, Ella and I did what we do best:  we went shopping!  We headed to Carter’s to buy her a fall wardrobe.  Their clothes aren’t exactly original, but they are inexpensive and sturdy.  Children grow out of them too fast for anything else to matter.

So it’s almost September.  The summer has flown by and I am most definitely ready for some change.  I am one of those people who loves change.  I am always giddily anticipating the next exciting event in life.  I guess that is why it is almost September for me, and not just the “end of August.”  What exactly is in store for us this fall?  I know Ella will be crawling.  I will hopefully re-join the gym after a long work out sabbatical.  And Hunter will be starting classes.  Those are just some of the small things we have to look forward to.  I know there are even greater things in store for us, but for now we will keep those between us and God… and of course we will fill you in as they happen.


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