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7 Months, Going on a Year

In Babies and Such on September 29, 2010 at 11:02 am

This week has been a crazy whirlwind of business stuff, and amongst it all Ella turned 7 months old.  How did we get to this point so quickly?  I swear it was just yesterday I was walking around the Riverfront Park, nearing 200 lbs, carrying a bowling ball in my belly and begging my already 2 week late little girl to come out.  Of course, I don’t think I was prepared for everything that would follow.  Total consumption.  This little girl turned my life upside down.

I don’t understand how most moms do it.  I mean look so happy those first few weeks… or months for that matter.  Oh I was happy, but in a completely exhausted, who just ran me over with a semi-truck sort of way.  I have never once wished that I didn’t have Ella, I just wished that someone had warned me how crazy life is with an all-consuming newborn.  I still look back on the first six months and wonder if Ella was just a very difficult newborn or if I was so set in my ways that it was hard to adjust.

Well, we’ve hit 7 months and somewhere along the way there has been a shift.  I feel like I can breathe again.  Ella is a happy, crawling little girl.  I am a happy mommy who has found ways to fit other things into my life, like starting up some home businesses and giving some of my time to others.

This morning I woke up to the sound of Ella singing in her crib (she really does sing, while waving one hand.  It is the cutest thing!).  Hunter brought her in to see me.  I reached out my hands to take her, and she placed both of her hands on my face and gave me a big, slobbery kiss!  Then she pulled back and gave me the sweetest smile.  It’s those little things that make the nine months of swollen misery and the next six months of insanity all worth it.


Starting My Own Little Business

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2010 at 2:38 pm

When Ella was two weeks old, her hair started falling out.  By the third week, she had an oh so lovely skullet.  Obviously I didn’t love her any less, but I felt bad for her!  Okay, I know she couldn’t have cared less.  I think I felt bad for myself.  I didn’t want anybody to mistake her for a boy or a little old man.  At first I purchased headbands to cover the little bald spot on the top of her head.  However, I had a hard time finding the kind of headbands that I would always dream up.  So I decided I should try making my own.

I have made quite a few varieties now, and whenever Ella wears them out and about I always get rave reviews (of course it always helps when the model is adorable).  The most frustrating part is when people ask me where they can get one, and I don’t have a business card or any info to give them!  So I have been working diligently on my business name, logo, setting up Etsy and getting my business license.  I am so very close!

Being a stay at home mom is nice, but it is also great to have an outlet for my creativity.  So be on the look out.  Bitty Blooms should be up and running in the next couple weeks!

I’m so Mom-ish

In Babies and Such, Miscellaneous on September 21, 2010 at 9:15 am

Today is probably the first day that I am starting to understand that “Mom Look.”  You know it when you see it.  Women who have totally let themselves go, and it just makes you wonder what happened.  They’ve got Mom Jeans, no make up, and bed hair (but not in a cute way).  I’m not saying I am to that point, but I am realizing that it is easy to let yourself go.

I think I walked around today and possibly even ran an errand or two with smeared baby oatmeal on my shirt.  By 3 PM, my mascara and eyeliner had created horrible shadows under my eyes.  And I had a simple assignment to find a sweater for myself when I went shopping today… instead, I came out of Carter’s with a bag full of clothes for Ella.  Not a single thing for myself.  What am I going to do?  I can’t wear the maternity sweaters that I wore last fall.  Ugh.  I don’t even know what is in style right now.  The only magazines I currently read are about parenting and cooking.  This is pretty sad.

Well, all’s not lost yet.  At least I’ve stepped it up at the gym.  That’s a good start, right?

I Need A Change

In Interior Design on September 20, 2010 at 9:08 pm

I am so ready for a bedroom makeover.  And even though my orange and brown bedroom is season appropriate, I am just not digging it.  I am in love with yellow.  It makes me so happy!  So if I can talk the Hubs into it, these will be some of my future bedroom updates:

Matine Toile Duvet, Pottery Barn

Sort Sole Lamp, Anthropologie

Coral Pillow, Pottery Barn

I already have an Armoire that is very similar, however it is a cherry finish… I think it needs a facelift.

And I think these Glass Zinnia Knobs from Anthropologie would be beautiful on the Armoire.

A Visit From a Friend

In Interior Design, Miscellaneous on September 15, 2010 at 9:09 am

I am counting down the hours until my friend from College arrives!  Of course, I have waited until the last minute to clean my apartment and do the grocery shopping.  This has been a fairly new dilemma for me, as I used to prepare everything WAY in advance.  I guess having a baby will do that to you.  And of course, as I write this, I am continually jumping up to stop my new little crawler from bashing her head on the table or pulling over a stack of books… ugh.  I really need to finish baby proofing!

So I am re-washing clean sheets, blankets and towels, because I hate that musty smell that they get when they have been sitting in the closet too long.  And I am trying to figure out what to make for dinner.  I might just have to improvise.  I know none of this is really going to matter once she is here.  It will be great to finally catch up face to face and introduce her to my little munchkin!  Thankfully social networking and blogging make it seem like I talked to her just yesterday.

Speaking of blogging, if you love Design, you should check out my friend’s blog.  We both have our degrees in Interior Design, but she is clearly the more talented one.  I don’t take it personally.  I learned that my talents lie in the technical stuff (building codes, AutoCAD, etc.).

Just in case I don’t get around to blogging the next few days, have a wonderful weekend!

She’s on the Move!

In Babies and Such on September 14, 2010 at 1:54 pm

My little Ella Belle started really, truly crawling today!  I cannot even express how excited and proud I am.  From day one she has been a fairly independent little girl.  As a newborn she didn’t want to be held in cradle position or rocked to sleep.  She just wanted to be laid down on her own.  When she discovered she could sit on her own at almost 5 months, she would wiggle out of my arms.  And now at 6 1/2 months, she is cruising all over the place!  My little girl brings so much joy to my life.

What Costco Means to a Health Nut

In Health on September 13, 2010 at 1:00 pm

I am one of those crazy, super healthy people when it comes to eating.  Well, minus my addiction to sweets (hey, we all have our vices!).  I eat plain, old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast.  No sugar on it.  Just berries, flaxseed, and soy milk.  A Greek Yogurt for my morning snack.  It is high in protein and low in sugar.  For lunch I usually have an edamame and tomato sandwich, cooked spinach and an apple… anyways, you get the point!

Well, when we moved back to Salem, I mourned the loss of Trader Joe’s.  I wondered how I would ever survive.  Thankfully, Costco has really stepped up in the past few years, and they now offer several organic items, and just plain healthy items.  So for those of you who might be interested in jumping on the healthy train, here is a list of my favorite “healthy” items at Costco:

Trident Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers (the key here is wild)

Alexia All Natural Sweet Potato Fries (super yummy, and no funny ingredients)

Adams 100% Natural Peanut Butter

Kirkland Organic Strawberry Jam (amazingly, only 8g sugar per serving!)

Dave’s Killer Bread (you will be able to read every ingredient on the list and it doesn’t taste like cardboard)

Organic Silk Vanilla Soymilk

Earthbound Organic Spinach (a tub of this is only $3.79 at Costco.  It’s $5.99 at Safeway)

PG Organic Cold Milled Flaxseed (I have it on my oatmeal every day)

Quaker Oats

Organic Gala Apples

Chobani Greek Yogurt  (only $11.75 for a carton of 12!  If you’ve ever purchased Greek Yogurt at the grocery store, you know they are ridiculously expensive individually)

Happy Grocery Shopping!

Shoes Just Aren’t My Thing

In Miscellaneous on September 10, 2010 at 3:05 am

Those of you who know me know that I couldn’t care less about shoes.  Gasp!  I know… being a girl and not liking shoes is unheard of.  I guess I gave up liking shoes when my feet finally reached a horrendous size… somewhere between 10-11 (depending on the shoe).  Not only is it ridiculously hard to find shoes in my size, but then even when I do they just end up looking like skis.  They always look so cute on the display, but not on my feet.

I am perfectly content with wearing flip flops year round.  That was just one of the many great things about LA.  But alas, I am in Oregon, where it rains… a lot.  So I am on a mission to find some simple tennis shoe that I can wear with my jeans on a day to day basis.  How mom-ish of me.

So after several hours of packing Ella around the mall in the Bjorn and trying on shoes, I think I might like these.

Puma Imani

Of course the next problem is that they are $75.00.  Ouch!  I really hate to spend more than $30.00 a pair (I know, I know.  By this point you must be wondering what horribly disgusting shoes I have in my closet.).  So if any of you happen to have $75 burning a hole in your pocket, let me know.

Back at the Gym

In Everyday Thoughts on September 8, 2010 at 9:25 pm
For those of you that don’t know, Hunter and I took a little break from the gym over the summer.  I convinced him that it would be nice outside, and that I would work out and walk at the park more than I would go to the gym.  Plus, it would save us a little money.  Well, I am pretty sure I can count on both hands the number of times I actually “worked out” on my own.  And that money we saved… yeah, I have no idea where it went.  So we are back at the gym again and I am pumped!
Of course, I have been hearing everybody rave about Zumba for a while now, so I decided to give it a go.  And 30 minutes in, I was pretty sure I was going to die!  It was pretty pathetic considering I have a dance background.  I felt like an old, stiff, inexperienced dancer… It was sad really.  But I’m not ready to give up quite yet.  I’ll give it another go.  And definitely do a lot of stretching in the meantime.
On another note, and for those of you who don’t live in Salem (because if you do, I am sure you have seen the West Gym), I will give you a little peek at what our gym looks like.  The first time I saw the remodel, it made me wish that my senior design project had been a gym, instead of a lousy hotel.  I think they did a beautiful job.

Now if only they had a coffee bar, it would be perfect.

She’s So Photogenic

In Uncategorized on September 8, 2010 at 12:25 am

I had Ella’s 6 month photos taken today.  All I have to say is, WOW!  My little girl is beautiful.  Here are a few of the photos from today.