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Thoughts about Childbirth

In Babies and Such on September 7, 2010 at 5:57 pm

It seems like I always think back to February 28th, 2010, when I am having a rough day with Ella.  I knew she was going to be stubborn and strong-willed.  After all, she was almost 3 weeks late (by my calendar).  And I find it funny how you tend to have such an idealistic viewpoint on how you are going to give birth and raise your child.  Sometimes so much so, that if other people’s ideas don’t match yours, you push them out of your circle.

But then reality hits.  I wanted to have an all natural childbirth so badly!  A midwife, no drugs, no being induced, and certainly no C-section.  I mean seriously, who puts their child through such awful and unnecessary things!  Well, after Ella refused to show up 2 1/2 weeks past her due date, I decided maybe I could at least budge on being induced.  But NO epidural, NO drugs, and certainly NO C-section.  And so sometimes I wonder if God looks at me, laughs, and just shakes his head.  “Oh Kim, don’t you know you aren’t in control of this situation?  Always planning, but never giving up control.”  And so after being in labor for 56 hours, having tried to be induced two different ways, only getting to 3cm after 40 hours of labor, and finally getting an Epidural, the doc tells me I will probably need a C-section.  What!?!  I bawled hysterically for at least a good hour before succumbing to the horrible news .

With all that said, I still believe that natural childbirth is the way to go.  I wish with all my  heart that I could have given birth to my 10lb 40z baby the natural way.  But I think that was just my first lesson of many in trusting God and losing my little judgmental streak when it comes to other mommy’s.  And so when I drive through Starbucks and I am talking to my favorite Barista’s  about childbirth… and they tell me how they are going to go all natural and you just have to stay strong and make those doctors and nurses listen, I just kind of laugh.  I hope they are right.  I hope they get that opportunity.  But sometimes we are required to be flexible.  We have to be open to learning, and know that ultimately we are not in control.

Me, on my due date.

My first time seeing Ella.  The journey may have been unexpected, but the outcome was still the same… a beautiful, healthy baby girl!

  1. Wow! 10 lbs!! My girls were 5 lbs and 7 lbs! But then again, Ella and Isla were the same size when Ella was like 4 months and Isla was almost a year old!
    On another note, I don’t think woman should have an expectation when it comes to childbirth. God cursed us and made child birth extremely painful. I don’t think it’s wrong to accept pain medicine. I think it’s a blessing that they offer it. If someone can endure the excruciating pain without it, good for them. Every single woman is different and pain meds or not, it doesn’t hurt the baby. If anything, if it makes mamma happy, it makes baby happy. Every woman is a hero and deserves a huge reward no matter how they bring their child into the world (c-section, induced, pain meds, au-natural, etc.) and like you said, we’re not in control 🙂

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