Kimberly Peil

Shoes Just Aren’t My Thing

In Miscellaneous on September 10, 2010 at 3:05 am

Those of you who know me know that I couldn’t care less about shoes.  Gasp!  I know… being a girl and not liking shoes is unheard of.  I guess I gave up liking shoes when my feet finally reached a horrendous size… somewhere between 10-11 (depending on the shoe).  Not only is it ridiculously hard to find shoes in my size, but then even when I do they just end up looking like skis.  They always look so cute on the display, but not on my feet.

I am perfectly content with wearing flip flops year round.  That was just one of the many great things about LA.  But alas, I am in Oregon, where it rains… a lot.  So I am on a mission to find some simple tennis shoe that I can wear with my jeans on a day to day basis.  How mom-ish of me.

So after several hours of packing Ella around the mall in the Bjorn and trying on shoes, I think I might like these.

Puma Imani

Of course the next problem is that they are $75.00.  Ouch!  I really hate to spend more than $30.00 a pair (I know, I know.  By this point you must be wondering what horribly disgusting shoes I have in my closet.).  So if any of you happen to have $75 burning a hole in your pocket, let me know.

  1. I hear ya! Despite the fact I live in Oregon, flip flops are a staple in my wardrobe! I hit up TJ Maxx frequently for cute flats and sandals. I don’t understand how girls wear high heel anything for longer than 30 minutes. After 5 I am barefoot. My recommendation, Toms are way comfy and I think they are around 40 ish. And I guarantee the whole ski (big shoes) thing is in your head, and no one else would ever think that 🙂 I’ve never noticed a woman’s feet being abnormally big. Unless she was like 5 ft and had size 11 shoe. But you’re tall and it’s perfectly normal! I think it would look more strange if you’re feet were abnormally small!

    • Toms are a great idea! And I like that the funds go to a good cause too… makes me feel a little better about spending some money on shoes. I will definitely have to try some on this week.

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