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Few of My Favorite Things

In Babies and Such, Health on October 5, 2010 at 8:03 pm

This week I was on a mission to find a little finger scrubber toothbrush dealie for Ella.  She still doesn’t have any teeth, but I figured I might as well get her into the habit of brushing.  She’s a stubborn one, and I am afraid that if I wait too long I will have to endure finger biting and full-on tantrums.

So I am standing in the baby aisle of Rite Aid, inspecting the infant toothpaste and reading the ingredients like any obsessed, overly paranoid parent does.  Then I realize that half of them have Paraben in them!  It’s bad enough that most lotions and other cosmetic products have Paraben, but now I am going to actually feed it to my baby?!  I think not!

I don’t want to bore everyone with the details on paraben… if you are interested in the possible effects check this out:

Otherwise, here is a list of my favorite, NON-PARABEN baby items!

California Baby Bug Repellent


Neutrogena Pure & Free Sunblock


Johnson’s Natural Head to Toe Foaming Baby Wash


California Baby Calendula Lotion


And my new fave, Earth’s Best Baby Toothpaste.


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