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In Uncategorized on October 21, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Here’s my randomness of the day…

I’m done trying to get Ella to sleep through the night… for now at least.  She is still nursing every night at about 3-4am.  Trust me, I have tried every “method” under the sun for trying to get her to stop.  My child is extremely strong-willed.  And honestly, I get more sleep if I just nurse her.  If I don’t, she will stay up however long is necessary until I finally cave in.  I am talking hours upon hours.  So since I am feeling like a failure regarding this little area, I have decided to conquer other areas that have been bothering me.  For now we are going to work on getting rid of the pacifier.  Ella’s morning nap was my first shot, and it was successful.  Just got her down for her second nap with some crying, but no pacifier.  We will see how bedtime goes… a lot of times that is a whole other story.

On another note, we have a wedding to go to this weekend!  I am excited about the wedding, but I have been dreading the dress shopping for weeks now.  Alas, I finally buckled down and started my search for a dress that is both “nursing friendly” and somewhat flattering.  It drives me crazy that I have a whole closet of cute dresses that I can’t wear right now, because it is impossible to nurse in them!

I finally found one.  And what’s even better is that it was only $14.97 (clearance rack) at Penney’s.  Sweet!  I could almost hear Stacy and Clinton while trying on dresses at the mall…  I knew they would approve of this one and how it helped balance out my small top and large bottom.  I even got approval from Hunter, who is actually really good at being totally honest with me when it comes to clothing.  His line that sealed the deal was, “Wow, that is really flattering on you!”

Here’s the dress…


And then the shoes I found (also on clearance)…


Nothing fancy, but they work for a nursing momma who will also be carrying around a cranky and tired child at a wedding.


  1. Whoa Kim, hot momma dress. No wonder Hunter likes it. $14.97?!? That’s insane.

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