Kimberly Peil

Through Ella’s Eyes

In Uncategorized on November 29, 2010 at 10:17 am

When you have a child Christmas suddenly seems 10 times more exciting.  It is so much fun to experience everything through Ella’s eyes.  Like every time we walk into the Living Room… if the Christmas tree is lit up, her eyes get big and she points and says “ohhh!”  And it doesn’t matter how many times she has seen the tree that day, every time is a new and exciting experience.  And of course, Christmas shopping is more exciting too.  I don’t think I’ve bought children’s toys in well over 15 years… in fact, the last toys were probably for myself!  So my last post was a little depressing, but I have decided to choose to love Christmas.  I am going to enjoy it with the ones I love, and make new memories.  How could I not love it when I see so much joy on my little monkey’s face!

Our Christmas Tree.

My little monkey being her mischievous self 🙂

My first attempt to make a wreath.  I am pretty proud of myself.


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