Kimberly Peil

A New Year

In Uncategorized on January 1, 2011 at 2:24 pm

It is now 2011, and I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and hash out a few New Year’s Resolutions.  I typically abstain, because I never really see the point.  Like the people whose resolution is to work out more.  All it does is create a panic and frenzy at the gym for the month of January.  Then most of them give up… all the while, I was stuck enduring the full parking lots and overcrowded classes at the gym.  But hey, I guess it is good to have goals.

So my resolutions for the year are (in no particular order)…

  • Make some money.  Seriously, I need to get this working from home thing figured out.  I feel like we are drowning sometimes, and it would be good if I could at least throw Hunter a life preserver.  It’s funny, I read an article in Redbook about small ways you can save money.  Some of the suggestions were:  Skip the third beer at happy hour.  Really?  I have been skipping the first one for several years now.  Or avoid at least two ATM withdrawal fees.  Easy to do when you don’t have any money to pull out in the first place.  Or wear your dry-cleaned blouse at least one extra time before you take it in to be cleaned.  Dry Cleaning?  I usually just run those clothes through the washer anyways and see if they hold up.  Nope, I think I have saved as much as I can think of.  It’s time to man up and make some extra money.  Here’s a preview of what I have been working on.

That’s right, my latest venture is making invites, photo announcements, etc. (Photo by Kesha @FreshPicd)

  • My second resolution is to be a better mommy and wife.  I feel like I tend to be a glass half empty kinda girl.  It’s been getting better, but I could definitely use some improvement.  I am so very thankful for everything that I do have.  My greatest gifts are Hunter and Ella, and  I want to make sure and treat them with care.
  • Thirdly is to build new relationships.  It’s hard not having a close girlfriend that I can share things with.  I guess moving back and forth between here and LA has weakened some of my bonds.  Hunter is always my go to friend, but I am sure he needs a break from my talking sometimes.

So that’s pretty much it.  I have several things in the waiting that I am looking forward to.  However, those will have to stay top secret until it is the right time to share.  Happy 2011 and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of you!

  1. All great goals, indeed. The birthday invite is adorable. I think you will do great at the announcements/invites business.

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