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She is My Sunshine

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Sometimes I just don’t know how to describe the joy that Ella brings into my life.  Motherhood is such a roller coaster of emotions. But more often than not, the good moments overshadow the bad ones.  Taking care of a newborn, and a difficult one at that, was the toughest job I have ever had in my life.

I read a zillion baby books before I was even pregnant, and I knew that attachment parenting was for me.  Of course, there is a lot of criticism out there for attachment parenting.  Many people feel that your child will become spoiled, shy and dependent.  I struggled with the criticism, but privately stuck to my parenting beliefs.  I even questioned myself and wondered if my parenting choices were the reason I was having such a hard time.

But there is an amazing thing about having a toddler.  You come out of the craziness and the sleepless nights with an overwhelming understanding of why you did everything you did.  Ella is a spunky, outgoing, caring, and funny little girl.  She is just bursting with personality.  I look back and I know that there isn’t anything I would change.

We co-slept.  People would warn that she would be stuck in our bed until she was eight.  Not the case at all.  She sleeps soundly in her crib, and it was an easy transition.

We didn’t let her “cry it out.”  There were definitely nights that I wondered if she would ever go to sleep easily.  Would I be rocking her until she was three or four?  Would she ever fall asleep on her own?  Well, she does!  It was a slow transition from rocking, to stroking her face in her crib, to just letting her know that it is time to go “ni-night.”  To me, it is a beautiful thing.  Now I know that if she ever cries at night, it is because she has had a nightmare or has something wrong.  She knows that sleeping is not a traumatic experience that she has to be afraid of.  She goes to sleep happy, and she wakes up happy.  I’m not saying that other parent’s styles are wrong.  I am just happy to announce that if you don’t want to let your child “cry it out,” then you don’t have to!  They will sleep well, and on their own eventually.

There are a lot of other aspects to Attachment Parenting, but these few seem to get the most criticism.  While I value solid advice, I have learned that my own instincts are the best.

So I kind of got sidetracked, but all of this leads up to the realization that Ella is the most amazing little girl in the whole wide world. 🙂  I’ve had some friends over the past few weeks who have gone through some pretty tragic events.  I can’t imagine their heartache, their fear, and for some even their loss.  Sometimes I get lost in my own self-pity.  But I also realize that I am blessed beyond measure.  Ella is not what I expected of my little girl… she is so much more!  I will just continue to treasure these moments, because I know that my time with her, in this capacity, is limited.  Even if she lives to be 100, I will only be the center of her world for so long.

Ella Rose, thank you for being my Sunshine.  You really do cheer me up on the gloomiest of days.



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Oh my, this last week has been insane!  I have been praying that some amazing job opportunity would come along, and I think I may have finally stumbled upon it.  It may be a little too early to talk about it, since I am in the training stage, but what the heck.  I did some transcription work in college, for a company that transcribes audio for TV shows.  It was nice because the hours were whatever I wanted them to be AND I could work from home.  Well, I found another company that is very similar.  I applied, got a response and have been going through the grueling 3-week training.  If I actually make it through the training, then I have a job!  I am on the final, advanced training stages, so I should know by the end of this week.

Of course, on top of that I am trying to keep two Etsy stores afloat.  Any way I can bring in $$ is a good thing.  Thanks, by the way, to friends and family who have helped support me in my hand-crafted endeavors!


find these  here.

I was pretty down last week, and still seem to roller-coaster every other day or so.  I always feel so hilarious when I go to photograph my pillows or headbands.  I am standing outside on the sidewalk, with my dining room chair, 3 pieces of foam-core board, a camera and my objects.  People are walking by and looking at me like I am crazy.  I am just thinking, “I better sell this stupid thing, so that this humiliation is worth it!”  I so wish I had a backyard.  Oh well.