Kimberly Peil

Baby #2

In Babies and Such on August 8, 2011 at 1:14 pm

That’s right, Baby #2!  We are cranking them out, because… well… we waited forever (4 1/2 years) to start having children, and now I am getting old.  Yes, I realize some of you don’t think I am old, but I feel old.  And I don’t want to be chasing toddlers around in my mid to late thirties.  Just personal preference.

Hunter and I are just a little OCD, and we did our best to apply it to our family planning.  My birthday is February 20th.  Hunter’s is February 22nd.  Ella’s is February 28th.  And the new baby is due March 6th.  Well, we didn’t quite land that one in February, but there is always a chance!  Our children are going to hate us for it, I am sure.

The second time around is so different.  I remember calling the midwife about every little thing when I was pregnant with Ella.  Should I feel this sick?  Can I eat this?  Can I drink this?  Should I have gained 12 pounds in the past 2 weeks?  I haven’t called my midwife once this time around.  I feel so much more at ease.  And quite honestly, I am so busy with Ella, Hunter, and work that I don’t have time to stress out or focus on feeling sick all the time.

It is a crazy time for us, but I am incredibly excited to add another baby to this family!  I know some people might judge us (and already have), and wonder why we are having more children when we aren’t in the best situation.  The truth is that we won’t be out of this “situation” for a good 5-6 more years.  We have a solid plan to get out of it, but I am not waiting until I am 34 to have another child.  Pieces don’t always fall in place perfectly for everyone.  So while we may be struggling in certain areas, I feel overwhelmingly blessed to get the opportunity to be a mommy to two children.

And I feel like God’s blessing is on our decision too.  In the past few weeks we have seen so many doors open up in regards to our finances.  We are making money and paying off debts quickly, when things seemed to be at such a stand-still for quite a while.  Not that I have to explain myself to anybody, but when the majority of people ask me, “was this baby planned,”  I know that they are passing judgement.  Yes they were planned and I am thrilled beyond measure.

Baby #2, I can’t wait to meet you!



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