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6 Year Anniversary

In Uncategorized on September 6, 2011 at 2:17 pm

I feel awful that this post is a few weeks late.  Truth is, I had too much fun celebrating mine and Hunter’s 6-year wedding anniversary, that I didn’t have time to run into the computer and blog about it.

Six years later I can still say that I am madly in love with the man I married.  Every moment has been worth it.  No matter what the situation, Hunter has always been my best friend and advocate.  I didn’t know that another human being could be so compassionate and caring… and be like that all the time.  No matter what the circumstance.  He has shown me true, unconditional love.  And then, after 4 1/2  years of marriage, I finally got to see him as a Daddy to Ella.  And that has only made me fall in love with him more than I ever thought possible.

Thank you, Hunter, for 6 amazing years.  Not easy years, but amazing because I have had you by my side.  Thank you for 8 1/2 years together, where our friendship has grown into deep, unshakable love.  I promise that when we have our 10 year wedding vow renewal, you can play whatever Star Wars song you’d like… because I love you that much. 😉

A trip down memory lane…

8 1/2 years ago.  I was only 19!  And wow, someone needed to lay off the tanning. 🙂

August 20th, 2005.  The day I married my best friend.

One year down!  Not gonna lie, that first year was rocky.  But we had each other’s backs and we came out closer and stronger.

2nd Anniversary, self-portrait.  Love this man and our lives in LA.

3 years.

4 years.  And back in Oregon.  LA was fun, but just not what God had in store for us anymore.

5 years.  But wait…

That’s a little more accurate!  Ella celebrated our 5 year anniversary with us!

6 years together…

And still as feisty and goofy as ever.


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