Kimberly Peil

So Proud!

In Babies and Such on September 13, 2011 at 2:08 pm

I have to say, I am feeling so proud of my little girl today.  It is such a slow process of teaching a child things like manners and simple skills, that when they start putting them into practice on their own it can take a while to register.  But today I realized just how much my little Ells has grown up.

When she wants something and I can’t quite understand her, she will say “hand.”  So I put out my hand and she leads me to the object she is talking about.  Today she wanted more watermelon, and in the sweetest voice she says, “mo mo peez!”  It seriously melted my heart.  And then I gave it to her and she says, “tank tou” and blows me a kiss.  Ugh!  Child, you know how to pour it on!

And I have to admit that she is even cleaner than me.  I have a tendency to leave drawers half open.  She is always right there to close them.  She always picks up trash and throws it away.  And even when she spills her milk, she will ask me for a cowel (towel), and wipe it up herself.  I doubt this cleanliness will last forever, but I will take it while I can.

And then there is just the simple fact that her vocabulary has grown tremendously.  I didn’t even realize it until a few days ago, but I probably know what she is talking about 80% of the time.  All vehicles aren’t just cars anymore.  She can differentiate and say airplane, car, truck, bus, and lawn mower.  All animals aren’t “aminals” anymore.  She can say giraffe, cow, pig, duck, dog, cat, squirrel, fish, monkey, chicken, and a whole bunch of others.  And when the doctor asked me at her 18 month check-up if she could understand and point to parts of her body, I realized she knows all of her body parts and can say all of them too!  I love my little chatterbox.

And did I mention she can put on her own shoes?  Well, her velcro sandals and boots anyways.  But I love that I can tell her to go get her shoes on and she actually does it.  Other cuteness, she has learned a few emotions, and will tell me when she is sad or scared.  Or she will tell me when someone is crying.  I know these are all normal milestones, but it is impossible not to be proud when your baby girl does these things.

So I thought I would gush a little bit today.  I find that I get extra-gushy since I am pregnant again.  Ella just makes me so proud!


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