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As I was compiling my Thanksgiving grocery shopping list, I was reminded of the first week that Hunter and I were dating.  His birthday happened to be about a week after our first date (this was in February).  And I remember him asking his mom to make a full Thanksgiving meal for his birthday.  I thought, whoa, this boy likes to eat!  And then I thought, crap, I can’t cook.  Our relationship isn’t going to last another week.

Well thankfully, nine years later, I have learned how to cook.  So much so that Hunter prefers my cooking over everyone else’s.  So even though we are going to my Dad’s house for Thanksgiving, I will be making a full Thanksgiving meal at home on Saturday.  That way my hubby can enjoy all of his favorites and have lots of leftovers.

I am sure you all have your favorites, but if you are looking to try some new recipes, here are my favorites!

Alton Brown’s “Not Your Mama’s Green Bean Casserole.”  The thought of canned mushroom soup in my green beans makes me nauseous.  This is a much yummier option!

Paula Deen’s Garlic Mashed Potatoes, because does Paula ever get anything wrong?  These are amazing.

I always hated sweet potatoes until my mother-in-law introduced me to this recipe.  My family’s version was some nastiness out of a can with marshmallows on top.  The only difference is that I only use 1/2 cup of sugar in them.

This is the best pumpkin pie recipe.  Super simple.  I can’t stand store-bought pumpkin pie.  It just tastes like pure sugar.

Thanksgiving is the only time we really eat corn.  Because, well, it really has no nutritional value.  But it makes a ridiculously good and cheesy bake!

And of course you have to top all that goodness off with a fresh cranberry sauce and homemade gravy.  I am so hungry.  Why can’t it be Thursday already?

I am going to attempt to cook a turkey this year.  For some reason that is the one thing that I fail horribly at.  I tried one year and actually caught the oven on fire.  This time I am using one of those oven bags.  Hopefully that will solve the problem.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


A Whale of a Time

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Ugh. The “I can’t stand being pregnant and fat” phase is starting to kick in. Don’t worry… I know I am not “actually” fat. This is not a plug for reassurance. It’s just that I am nearing the beginning of my third trimester, and I greatly dislike the swelling of my legs and that in between stage where none of my regular clothes fit me, but my maternity clothes still swallow me. Plus, I had a few spider veins before Ella. Those probably quadrupled with that first pregnancy. Now I think there are about 10 times more. And now I even have some nasty, painful varicose veins thrown into the mix. Blah, blah, blah. Gripe, gripe, gripe. Maybe it’s just the weather getting me down.

On a good note, I am starting to feel our baby boy kick a lot more now, although he is nowhere near as active as Ella was. Oddly enough, this gives me hope. Not that there is anything wrong with my spunky, wild, runs-on-little-sleep girl. It would just be nice if her baby brother balanced her out a little. I keep praying that he will be like the baby that everyone talks about… “Oh, aren’t newborns great? They just sleep all the time! They are so easy!” Uh huh, right. I’ll believe it when I experience it.

And in other exciting news, we decided on a name for our baby boy! It’s top secret though. I had a favorite and Hunter had a favorite, so it was getting difficult to choose. I finally caved in and said he could win this battle though. It is a pretty good name. My favorite might have gotten him teased just a little bit.

That’s about it on the pregnancy forefront. I have been listening to Ella run from one side of her crib to the other for the past 45 minutes. She thought it would be a good idea to wake up at 5:15 this morning and start singing “She Loves You” by the Beatles (she only knows the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah part). I am tired and grumpy, and she is supposed to be taking a nap now. Seriously, this girl is so much like her daddy… runs on little sleep and is always in a good mood.

Nap Time

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I LOVE nap time. I should clarify. I love Ella’s nap time. It used to be that I functioned best on 8 hours of sleep at night and a good 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Seriously, I love sleep that much. But having a child has changed that.

And don’t get me wrong. I love when Ella is awake too, but there is something magical about 2 hours to myself in the middle of the day. Rarely do I waste this time sleeping anymore. Sometimes I reserve my sacred shower for this time slot. Otherwise, I am usually sharing my shower with my cute, chubby-knee toddler, which is usually fine. But sometimes I don’t want to take a lukewarm shower. And sometimes I don’t want to worry about washing someone else’s hair.

Other times I will save my lunch until Ella has gone to sleep, because I despise sharing food. I always have. But somehow it is a lot harder to say no to a toddler than it is to your husband. If it is on my plate, I want to eat. it. all.

And even on days that I have to work during nap time, I still find it relaxing. As much as I love my little monkey, sometimes I just need a little break. It is definitely going to be interesting having two children.

This is not me complaining. I couldn’t be happier that I am a Stay at Home Mom. And I couldn’t be more grateful for my little girl. I am just enjoying Ella’s nap time, doing a little thinking, a little sewing, and eating.