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Aging and the Beautiful Baristas

In Babies and Such, Health, Uncategorized on May 22, 2012 at 9:59 pm

Wow.  I haven’t written in FOREVER.  I guess having a baby is a pretty good excuse.  I still need to write about Weston’s birth story, but I’m not feeling it tonight.  I’m not exactly feeling all happy and gushy right now. Especially after he only napped a combined total of 2 hours today, and it took two hours to get him to sleep.  I really thought I was going to get a good napper the second time around.  No such luck.  So onto getting old…

Getting old has really snuck up on me.  I look around our apartment at pictures of me when I was 22 or 25, and I think, why don’t I look like that anymore?  It wasn’t that long ago.  But I feel ancient.

Yesterday I hit up the Black Rock drive-thru for my much-needed latte.  Here is this cute little barista with cute hair and cute makeup.  Here I am in my yoga pants, no makeup, and horribly grown out hair pulled back into a fro-tail.  She is perky and looks well rested.  I think, why don’t I look like that?  Well, she is probably 16, so I’ve got like 13 years on her.  Plus she probably wasn’t up several times last night, nursing a two-month old, while her two-year old is sandwiched between her and her husband, kicking her in the back.  I’ve got excuses, right?

It’s cute girls like this that have me obsessing over the Groupon deal for 20 units of Botox for $99.  Or watching the Dr. show and wondering if that butt lift tape could really help.  Of course, it doesn’t really matter.  The only people that see me these days are the grocery store clerks who work in the middle of the night, and the kind friends who schedule play dates with me occasionally.  Poor husband.  He’s really the only one I want to look good for.  And on the off chance that I am able to put on makeup that day, it is already a smeary mess by the time he gets home.

Having two children makes everything nearly impossible.  Grocery store, forget it.  I tried a few times.  Weston screaming in the Moby, bashing his head into my collar bone.  Ella being her cooperative self, but how on earth do I manage to get her in and out of our car, in and out of the shopping cart?  How do I keep everybody’s hands off of her, while Weston is screaming and head bashing.  Ugh.

Negative Nancy.  I know things will get better.  They always do.  I feel fat, but I guess I just had a baby 2 months ago.  I say 2 months, but now I am bordering 3.  I feel like once I have to say 3 months, then I have no excuse for being a sorry slob.  I’m sick of wearing baggy maternity jeans.

I’m working on it though.  Honestly.  Whitening the teeth, planning to tan, hair appointment on the books, and I should have a jogging stroller by June.  And a month of Extreme Bootcamp to look forward to– to kick my butt into shape.

Is this achievable again?  I hope so.