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She’s Three!

In Uncategorized on February 28, 2013 at 2:29 pm

Before I even see her sleepy, smiling face, I hear the footsteps of my little girl running down the hallway.  And from around the corner she shouts, “Tell me happy birthday, Mama!”  I can’t help but laugh, because that is so her.  Outgoing, happy, full of joy, and always getting the first word in.

Then, as we are getting ready to go out, she declares, “I have to wear my birthday hat, Mom.  It’s my birthday!”  I don’t mind.  I’ve gotten used to her reeling in the attention.  But today she decided she was going to command it.  She proudly announced to people that it was her birthday and she was turning three.  Whenever someone would say happy birthday or remark about how cute she was, she would exclaim, “Thanks!”

And then in the car she replaced the words to many of her favorite songs so that it would fit her special day.  “The sun goes down, the stars come out, and all that counts is my birthday party.”  I start laughing.  Then I start crying.  She just brings so much happiness and silliness wherever she goes.

And there’s a sweet and compassionate side to her too.  If I get hurt, she is the first one to run to my side and start praying.  Yes, praying.  “Thank you, Jesus.  And thank you for Mommy and her elbow.  Make it better, Jesus.  And thank you for all we pray. Amen.”  Prayer?  Hadn’t crossed my mind.  Thankfully it has crossed hers.  And then she tops it off with a kiss.

My little girl turns three today.  I can’t say that I’m sad.  Watching her grow has brought me so much joy over the past three years.  Each stage brings more excitement, more blossoming of her personality.  I know someday I’ll be sad, but today I’m excited.  I’m excited to celebrate with my little girl; excited to see her turn into the girl that God has destined her to be.

I tried to imagine this life of being a mommy for several years.  But the truth is, the reality far outweighs my wildest dreams.  Sure, it’s tough work.  Sure, there is craziness in every day.  But there is nothing better than taking care of this sweet little girl every day, loving on her, and just being with her.  

Ella Rose, you are the joy in my every day.  You are my sunshine.  I see what true, unconditional love is through you.  And as you often tell me, “You’ll always be my baby girl.”Image