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I Need A Change

In Interior Design on September 20, 2010 at 9:08 pm

I am so ready for a bedroom makeover.  And even though my orange and brown bedroom is season appropriate, I am just not digging it.  I am in love with yellow.  It makes me so happy!  So if I can talk the Hubs into it, these will be some of my future bedroom updates:

Matine Toile Duvet, Pottery Barn

Sort Sole Lamp, Anthropologie

Coral Pillow, Pottery Barn

I already have an Armoire that is very similar, however it is a cherry finish… I think it needs a facelift.

And I think these Glass Zinnia Knobs from Anthropologie would be beautiful on the Armoire.


A Visit From a Friend

In Interior Design, Miscellaneous on September 15, 2010 at 9:09 am

I am counting down the hours until my friend from College arrives!  Of course, I have waited until the last minute to clean my apartment and do the grocery shopping.  This has been a fairly new dilemma for me, as I used to prepare everything WAY in advance.  I guess having a baby will do that to you.  And of course, as I write this, I am continually jumping up to stop my new little crawler from bashing her head on the table or pulling over a stack of books… ugh.  I really need to finish baby proofing!

So I am re-washing clean sheets, blankets and towels, because I hate that musty smell that they get when they have been sitting in the closet too long.  And I am trying to figure out what to make for dinner.  I might just have to improvise.  I know none of this is really going to matter once she is here.  It will be great to finally catch up face to face and introduce her to my little munchkin!  Thankfully social networking and blogging make it seem like I talked to her just yesterday.

Speaking of blogging, if you love Design, you should check out my friend’s blog.  We both have our degrees in Interior Design, but she is clearly the more talented one.  I don’t take it personally.  I learned that my talents lie in the technical stuff (building codes, AutoCAD, etc.).

Just in case I don’t get around to blogging the next few days, have a wonderful weekend!

Unfinished Business

In Interior Design on September 2, 2010 at 9:45 pm

For some reason I have the hardest time selecting artwork.  I always have.  It’s kind of odd, considering I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design.  If you could see my apartment, you would notice that the only things hanging on my wall are personal photos.

Well, my little girl was born 6 months ago (and I started decorating the nursery about 10 months ago), and I think I have finally settled on artwork to go above her crib.

Barking Bird Art, Portland, OR

I think these are brilliant, adorable, and simple.

I won’t post a picture of Ella’s actual room quite yet, because it is still “unfinished.”  But this is the bedding that she has currently:

I haven’t purchased the artwork yet, so we will see if I actually go through with it.  But I have had my eye on it for a couple of months now.

Apartment Living

In Interior Design on August 31, 2010 at 12:26 am

I am starting to wonder if God and my husband both have a very good reason for keeping us in an apartment at the moment.  Probably because if I had a house I would constantly be scheming and finding ways to convince Hunter that we “need” the following items for our house:

Versailles Chair- Restoration Hardware

It is just way too funky and elegant not to have it.

Sealight Floor Lamp – Restoration Hardware

Can anybody guess where I went window shopping this weekend 🙂