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I’m so Mom-ish

In Babies and Such, Miscellaneous on September 21, 2010 at 9:15 am

Today is probably the first day that I am starting to understand that “Mom Look.”  You know it when you see it.  Women who have totally let themselves go, and it just makes you wonder what happened.  They’ve got Mom Jeans, no make up, and bed hair (but not in a cute way).  I’m not saying I am to that point, but I am realizing that it is easy to let yourself go.

I think I walked around today and possibly even ran an errand or two with smeared baby oatmeal on my shirt.  By 3 PM, my mascara and eyeliner had created horrible shadows under my eyes.  And I had a simple assignment to find a sweater for myself when I went shopping today… instead, I came out of Carter’s with a bag full of clothes for Ella.  Not a single thing for myself.  What am I going to do?  I can’t wear the maternity sweaters that I wore last fall.  Ugh.  I don’t even know what is in style right now.  The only magazines I currently read are about parenting and cooking.  This is pretty sad.

Well, all’s not lost yet.  At least I’ve stepped it up at the gym.  That’s a good start, right?


A Visit From a Friend

In Interior Design, Miscellaneous on September 15, 2010 at 9:09 am

I am counting down the hours until my friend from College arrives!  Of course, I have waited until the last minute to clean my apartment and do the grocery shopping.  This has been a fairly new dilemma for me, as I used to prepare everything WAY in advance.  I guess having a baby will do that to you.  And of course, as I write this, I am continually jumping up to stop my new little crawler from bashing her head on the table or pulling over a stack of books… ugh.  I really need to finish baby proofing!

So I am re-washing clean sheets, blankets and towels, because I hate that musty smell that they get when they have been sitting in the closet too long.  And I am trying to figure out what to make for dinner.  I might just have to improvise.  I know none of this is really going to matter once she is here.  It will be great to finally catch up face to face and introduce her to my little munchkin!  Thankfully social networking and blogging make it seem like I talked to her just yesterday.

Speaking of blogging, if you love Design, you should check out my friend’s blog.  We both have our degrees in Interior Design, but she is clearly the more talented one.  I don’t take it personally.  I learned that my talents lie in the technical stuff (building codes, AutoCAD, etc.).

Just in case I don’t get around to blogging the next few days, have a wonderful weekend!

Shoes Just Aren’t My Thing

In Miscellaneous on September 10, 2010 at 3:05 am

Those of you who know me know that I couldn’t care less about shoes.  Gasp!  I know… being a girl and not liking shoes is unheard of.  I guess I gave up liking shoes when my feet finally reached a horrendous size… somewhere between 10-11 (depending on the shoe).  Not only is it ridiculously hard to find shoes in my size, but then even when I do they just end up looking like skis.  They always look so cute on the display, but not on my feet.

I am perfectly content with wearing flip flops year round.  That was just one of the many great things about LA.  But alas, I am in Oregon, where it rains… a lot.  So I am on a mission to find some simple tennis shoe that I can wear with my jeans on a day to day basis.  How mom-ish of me.

So after several hours of packing Ella around the mall in the Bjorn and trying on shoes, I think I might like these.

Puma Imani

Of course the next problem is that they are $75.00.  Ouch!  I really hate to spend more than $30.00 a pair (I know, I know.  By this point you must be wondering what horribly disgusting shoes I have in my closet.).  So if any of you happen to have $75 burning a hole in your pocket, let me know.

Thank You In Advance

In Miscellaneous, Music on September 3, 2010 at 9:20 pm

Happy Friday!  Only 28 hours until I am fulfilling a lifelong dream… seeing Boyz II Men in concert!  I have a ridiculously awesome husband who bought me tickets for our 5 year wedding anniversary.  I am not a huge concert person, but the few musicians/singers that I must see before I die are Boyz II Men, Goo Goo Dolls and Alanis Morissette (I am stuck in the ’90’s just a little bit, if you can’t tell).  So that just leaves Alanis to check off my list!

I hope they sing every song that will make me relive those grade school and junior high days.  On Bended Knee, Water Runs Dry, Yesterday, Motownphilly.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend.  I know I will!


In Miscellaneous on September 1, 2010 at 3:45 pm

I NEED COFFEE.  And maybe a little sleep.  Ugh.

This is how I feel right about now.

A Quadruple shot, Iced Venti Latte would be perfect.

Maybe with a side of Espresso Cake.  Yes, I don’t care if it is 8 AM.  I will eat it now, thank you.

The Dreaded Birthday Card

In Miscellaneous on August 31, 2010 at 7:03 pm

I LOVE Birthdays.  However, I HATE buying birthday cards.  I don’t really mind the countless hours spent searching the card aisles and reading about 100 of them that don’t apply to the situation.  What I do mind is finding a card that I like, and then having to consider the entire audience that will see this card at the party.   Will Grandma and Granddad laugh politely and then secretly judge me?  Will the parents think my card is just slightly inappropriate?  Is the card funny enough that I really don’t care what anyone else thinks, but the intended reader?  And why do people pass birthday cards around anyways?  I think they are a little personal.

Oh well.  I went for it anyways.  Cousin Jame’s 21st Birthday.  Here was my selection:|10001|10051|1021805|214068;222576;264068;301068|null|P1R4SO|ecards

Almost September

In Everyday Thoughts, Miscellaneous on August 30, 2010 at 10:55 pm

I love an overcast and cloudy Oregon day.  Okay, that may not be entirely true.  I love them right at the beginning of fall.  The temperatures are still lukewarm, and the trees are still green.  Of course, 5 1/2 years ago, when I moved to LA, I detested the gray skies.  That was one of the main reasons I headed to sunny SoCal.  But now that I am back in Oregon, I have come to appreciate about 50 of the cloudy days out of what seems like 300.

To celebrate the beginning of fall, Ella and I did what we do best:  we went shopping!  We headed to Carter’s to buy her a fall wardrobe.  Their clothes aren’t exactly original, but they are inexpensive and sturdy.  Children grow out of them too fast for anything else to matter.

So it’s almost September.  The summer has flown by and I am most definitely ready for some change.  I am one of those people who loves change.  I am always giddily anticipating the next exciting event in life.  I guess that is why it is almost September for me, and not just the “end of August.”  What exactly is in store for us this fall?  I know Ella will be crawling.  I will hopefully re-join the gym after a long work out sabbatical.  And Hunter will be starting classes.  Those are just some of the small things we have to look forward to.  I know there are even greater things in store for us, but for now we will keep those between us and God… and of course we will fill you in as they happen.